2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial Intelligence

2018 год

Isaac Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics might be seen as early safeguards for our reliance on artificial intelligence, but as Alexa guides our homes and automated cars replace human drivers, are those Three Laws enough? Neil deGrasse Tyson, Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium, hosts and moderates a lively discussion about how A.I. is opening doors to limitless possibilities, and if we’re ready for them. The 2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate took place at the Museum on February, 13, 2018.

К сожалению, это видео ещё никто не перевёл. Если вам известно обратное, то пишите нам на info@asimovonline.ru

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